Friends of the Major Taylor Trail Joins Forces With Major Taylor Trail Keepers

We’re excited to share that the Trail Keepers and the Friends of the Major Taylor Trail — which have always worked closely and share board members — are now working even more closely together. The Trail Keepers are now the fiscal agent of the  Friends of the Major Taylor Trail (FOMTT).

The Friends group is made up of residents of the surrounding communities committed to the use and development of the Trail.  Please support our work with your energy, ideas and donations.  Please follow the links below for more information.

The image at left depicts the The Major Taylor Trail. It runs north from Whistler Woods forest preserve in Riverdale, across the Little Calumet River, thru the West Pullman, Morgan Park and Beverly neighborhoods to Dan Ryan Woods forest preserve in Chicago, covering a distance of more than 6 miles.

Question: Who was Major Taylor?

Answer: Marshall “Major” Taylor: African American bicycle racer, civil rights pioneer, and author.

Major Taylor was the Michael Jordan of his day.  From 1895 to 1910, he was the preeminent force in bicycle racing, the world’s most popular professional sport of that time. Major Taylor was the man to beat. After he retired, he spent his last days in Chicago and died at Cook County Hospital. Major Taylor’s final resting place is in Chicago’s southlands. Chicago now has an living monument to his excellence: The Major Taylor Trail.

FOMTT needs your energy and involvement. For information, email us at: [email protected]

Our monthly meeting (3rd Wednesday)

Friends of the Major Taylor Trail Events

Where to find the Trail

Informational brochure/membership application (PDF)

Friends of the Parks

Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago

Chicago Cycling Club

The Active Transportation Alliance

Friends of the Cal Sag Trail

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